It takes more than one person, one team, one company to create tomorrow’s best practices and agenda for the future. 
About the Manufacturing Leadership Council

THE ONLY organization where a global community of members connect across all different business sectors and functional roles and experience first-hand, the power of collaboration. Chief executives and their leadership teams are empowered to identify the most pressing challenges and most lucrative opportunities presented by disruptive innovation by harnessing the collective knowledge of the brightest minds in the industry.

Who Are The Members?
What Is The Focus?
What Do We Achieve?
Chief executives, senior level functional executives and regional heads. Functional roles include manufacturing, operations, R&D/Innovation, Supply Chain, IT/CIO, engineering, production and strategy.
The intersection of disruptive innovation and business strategy and the global structural shifts that are changing the way we lead, work, organize and innovate.
New ideas generated outside four walls and from all different functional perspectives. Members share insights, ideas and experiences to generate best practices for the future.
Global Manufacturing Companies Thrive with the Manufacturing Leadership Council:
• Culture that can    innovate and    perform at the    increasing speed    of the market
• Own your future
• Widen your lens
• Understand    trends outside    your industry
• Gain perceptual    acuity
• Increase your
   peer-to-peer    leadership in HPIs
• Engage in a   “mastermind    group”
• Inspire    leadership in    your HPIs
• Inspire    collaboration
• Break down silos
• Relentless focus
   on finding big
   ideas that can be
   implemented in
   today’s strategies
• Evaluate the    risks that are real
Membership has many benefits:
  • Network and benchmark with peers at 7+ Live Events (2 Council Meetings, ML Summit, 4 Plant Tours/Round Tables)
  • Evaluate risks with 12 Teleconnect calls focused on critical issues
  • Engage in 50 Decision Compass calls with special interest groups
  • Remain ahead of the curve with 4 Executive Insight Webinars Research
  • Gain the advantage over your competition with 100 articles, blogs, the ML Journal and website
The Manufacturing Leadership Council has provided the opportunity to build relationships with executive leadership from many diverse manufacturing firms.
John Gercak,
Vice President-Information Technologies,
Eaton Corp.’s Vehicle Group
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